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This young client had hormone induced hair growth and was very self conscious about the excess hair on her cheeks, chin and neck area.

Her overall skin improved as I permanently removed hairs in her problem areas and now she is absolutely beautiful !! 

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NOTE: removal of skin lesions is an additional charge.

I'm so glad that I found Jo.She assured me that this problem would end and I'm so happy!  AK


This mole showed in every
picture I had of myself.  I hated it!! Now I feel so much more confident & prettier.  Thanks so much.        KT                                                    

Mole immediately after removal (note: each mole removal varies by each client)

​​Three weeks after removal - close up of skin shows that the area has healed beautifully.  She followed my simple skin care instructions and now there is no trace of the mole on her cheek.

Mole (before)

I always tried to hide this area on my cheek with concealer every day.  I no longer have worry about this & I feel so much more confident.   MM

Broken vessels on cheek (before)

Close up of treated area  - no veins (after)

For​ years I could not wear clothes with my favorite neckline for fear of showing the skin tags - no more !!  I love my new skin!  TA

Skin Tags on neck, chest & shoulders -(before)

one week after treatment - (after)

Before (right eye)

Before (left eye)

Large and deep milia on eyelid and brow area.  NOTE:  This is a very delicate procedure to remove deep seeded milia in the eye area.  A steady & knowledgeable "hand" is required to avoid bruising and a black eye.  (definition of milia -  a small white or yellowish nodule resembling a millet seed, produced in the skin by the retention of sebaceous (oil) secretion.)

My wife encouraged me to do this. I used to hide the milia behind glasses.  Now I feel much younger and my wife is thrilled with the results also.

After - 3 weeks later

I had dark red veins on my cheeks and on my nose.  A large pore dominated my right cheek.  I had squeezed the pore so much & so hard that it became even bigger and more dominant.  I lived my life under concealer trying to conceal the veins & the pore.  I thought I would have to live with these forever.   Jo changed my entire complexion with the removal of these two major issues.   MM

Note from Jo:  Veins can be removed immediately with a 60-80% OR MORE reduction and you may have light scabbing for 2-3 days. Most vein removal requires 2 or more treatments.  Large pores usually take multiple treatments.



This keratosis made me feel old plus it itched and irritated me. (note the redness around the keratosis) I always felt hardness when I touched my skin.  My doctor told me he could remove it but I might be scarred.  Jo removed it without any scarring.  I'm thrilled!   CK